DM2 Lab: Data Mining towards Decision Making

"We develop data-driven computational methods and intelligent systems to facilitate human decision making." -- dm_square

Data-driven Behavior Analytics: Model behavior intention, social and spatio-temporal context, and unstructured text content, and consolidate into real use such as recommender systems, anti-fraud systems, and mission planning systems.



Graduate Students

Daheng Wang: PhD student (2016-), co-advised with Dr. Nitesh Chawla
Representation learning: Complementarity learning and graph neural networks
Wenhao Yu: PhD student (2019-)
Representation learning: Incorporating behavioral intention into text mining
Qingkai Zeng: PhD student (2018-)
Text mining: Deep models for scientific information extraction
Tong Zhao: Master student (2017-2018), PhD student (2018-)
Suspicious behavior detection: Graph anomaly detection and graph neural networks

Visiting Students

Tianwen Jiang: PhD student (2018-2019), Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Text mining: Biomedical information extraction


Xueying Wang: Graduated Master student (2017-2019)
Text mining: Slot filling and temporal fact extraction
Haiqiao Zhang: PhD student (2018-2019), co-advised with Dr. Yiyu Shi
Text mining: Joint optimization on deep IE models and hardware design
Zachary Eberhart
Graduate research: Sept.-Nov. 2017
Representation learning
Qi Li
Graduate research: Sept. 2017-Jan. 2018
Network science and text mining

Open Source Tools: DM2 Github

Publications: Text Mining

Publications: Representation Learning

Publications: Suspicious Behavior Detection