DM2 Lab: Data Mining towards Decision Making

"We develop data-driven computational methods and intelligent systems to facilitate decision making." -- dm_square

Data-driven Behavior Analytics: User modeling, Recommender system, Fraud detection; Graph machine learning, Graph anomaly detection, Dynamic graph modeling; Information extraction, Named entity recognition, Taxonomy construction, Knowledge graph construction; Natural language generation, answer retrieval, question generation, summarization.


Email: mjiang2 [at]
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Current Graduate Students

Daheng Wang: PhD student (2016-)
Email: dwang8 [at]
User modeling, Graph representation learning, Dynamic graph modeling
First authored in 3 KDD, 1 WWW, 1 IEEE TKDE, 1 ACM TIST, 1 KDD-DLG best paper
Tong Zhao: Master student (2017-2018), PhD student (2018-); Snap Fellowship
Email: tzhao2 [at]
Fraud detection; Graph anomaly detection, Graph representation learning
First authored in 1 AAAI, 1 CIKM, 1 BigData
Qingkai Zeng: PhD student (2018-)
Email: qzeng [at]
Information extraction, Named entity recognition, Taxonomy construction
First authored in 1 KDD, 1 EMNLP
Wenhao Yu: PhD student (2019-); CSE Select Fellowship
Email: wyu1 [at]
Natural languge generation, Question answering
First authored in 2 WWW, 1 WWW demo, 1 ACL, 1 NAACL, 1 EMNLP demo
Mengxia Yu: PhD student (2020-); CSE Select Fellowship
Email: myu2 [at]
Natural language generation, Knowledge graph learning
Lingbo Tong: PhD student (2020-); Psycho-CSE Joint Program
Email: ltong2 [at]
Information extraction, Knowledge graph construction
Gang Liu: PhD student (2021-)
Email: gliu7 [at]
Graph representation learning
Zhihan Zhang: PhD student (2021-)
Email: zzhang23 [at]
Natural language processing

Current Undergraduate Students

Ann Hermann: (2020-)
Extracting profiles and social networks from Chinese history texts
Michael Lee: (2020-)
Analyzing helpfulenss of responses to suicidal thoughts
Fangcong Yin: (2020-)
Evaluating the diversity of machine-generated text
Extracting scientific facts from biomedical literature

Current Highschool Students

Past Graduate Students

Xueying Wang: Master's Degree (2018-2019)
Email: xwang41 [at]
Time-aware information extraction
Bhakti Sharma: Master's Degree (2019-2020)
Email: bsharma2 [at]
Natural language processing for sentiment analysis
Jianing Li: Master's Degree (2019-2020)
Email: jli23 [at]
Deep transfer learning
Tianwen Jiang: Visiting PhD student (2018-2019)
Email: tjiang2 [at]
Information extraction, Knowledge graph construction
Qi Li: PhD student (2017)
Email: qli8 [at]
Time-aware information extraction
Zachary Eberhart: PhD student (2017)
Email: zeberhar [at]
Representation learning
Haiqiao Zhang: PhD student (2018)
Email: hzhang5 [at]
Time-aware information extraction
Yifan Ding: Master student (2019)
Email: yding4 [at]
Representation learning

Past Undergraduate Students for Research

Past iSure Program Undergraduate Students

Past Highschool Students

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September 2018 July 2019

Selected Publications: Text Mining and Natural Language Processing

Selected Publications: Representation Learning

Selected Publications: Suspicious Behavior Detection


Research work has been supported by National Science Foundation, Snap Research, Condé Nast Inc., and Global Gateway.