DM2 Lab: Data Mining towards Decision Making

"We develop data-driven computational methods and intelligent systems to facilitate decision making." -- dm_square

Data mining and NLP: User modeling, Recommender system, Fraud detection; Graph neural network, Graph anomaly detection, Data augmentation, Material discovery; Information extraction, Taxonomy construction, Knowledge graph; Natural language generation, open-domain question answering, question generation, summarization; Intelligent assistance, NLP for education and mental health; Large language model, Reasoning, Instruction tuning, RAG, Personalization, Machine unlearning for safety.


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Current Graduate Students

Qingkai Zeng: PhD candidate (2018-)
Taxonomy Construction
Mengxia Yu: PhD student (2020-); CSE Select Fellowship
Question Generation
Lingbo Tong: PhD student (2020-); Psychology-CSE Joint Program
Mental Health
Zhihan Zhang: PhD student (2021-)
Instruct LLM
Gang Liu: PhD candidate (2021-)
Graph Learning
Eric Inae: PhD student (2022-); Dean's Fellowship
Graph Learning
Hy Dang: PhD student (2022-)
Noah Ziems: PhD student (2022-)
Instruct LLM
Bang Nguyen: PhD student (2022-)
Question Generation
Mengzhao Jia: PhD student (2023-)
Vision Language Model
Zhaoxuan Tan: PhD student (2023-)
Personalized LLM
Zheyuan (Frank) Liu: PhD student (2023-)
Machine Unlearning
Zhenyu Wu: Visiting PhD student (2024-)
LLM Reasoning

Current Highschool Student

Past Graduate Students

Daheng Wang: PhD (2021)
User Modeling, Graph Learning
First employment: Applied Scientist at Amazon
Tong Zhao: PhD (2022) with Snap Fellowship
Graph data augmentation
First employment: Research Scientist at Snap Inc.
Wenhao Yu: PhD (2023) with Bloomberg Fellowship
LLM and Question Answering
First employment: Research Scientist at Tencent AI
Xueying Wang: Master's Degree (2019)
Information Extraction
Employment: Data Scientist at FedEx
Bhakti Sharma: Master's Degree (2020)
Sentiment Analysis
Employment: SDE at VISO Trust
Jianing Li: Master's Degree (2020)
Transfer Learning
Luke Siela: Master's Degree (2022)
Data Science
Employment: General Electric
Tianwen Jiang: Visiting PhD student (2018-2019)
Information Extraction
Employment: Tencent

Past Undergraduate Students

Past Highschool Students

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